Interview: Then Comes Silence

Interview on We Lose the Night with Alex from Then Comes Silence

Then Comes Silence: the 4 man Post-Punk, Goth sensation from Stockholm. They have been active since 2012, when Alex started the band to experiment with horror music. Alex is the vocalist and main songwriter of the band. He also plays the bass and synthesizers.

Then Comes Silence are a rock’n’roll band for the darker side of things. “There will not be any new Bowies, McCartneys, Ramones or Lemmys for a long time. Not in this contemporary pop cultural world we are working in”, Alex says. “We have to be the Rhinemaidens guarding the Rheingold. Become the guardians of the holy grail until the day the new rock prophets are born.”

”I want to believe we are a band of hard working musicians. Instead of touring in this Corona outbreak we are building a new studio for future plans. We don’t take a break. The love of music and the cause and effect are the source of our energy. We are excited to see the good response we get, even though we can’t tour right now. The music communities keep going strong. That gives us energy.”

”Usually most of our effort goes into the booking and planning of every tour and show. Right now it’s the interviews and social media. Touring and meeting people around the world was what we were looking forward to. 2020 was supposed to lead us to new places we haven’t been before. We miss playing and travelling. Meeting friends and fans.”

”We need to be creative and find new ways to reach out. We recorded two quarantine sessions back in April. The ‘Christine’ cover for the live stream GOTHICAT FESTIVAL and ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ just to cheer up a bit. In May we did a live stream show on Youtube, Facebook and Twitch.”

”I tried in-ear monitoring on that last live stream gig we did. I had never tried it before. When we played We Lose The Night it was like listening to the record in my head! In the end, good music hasn’t changed much. A good melody is a good melody. An interesting rhythm is always attractive.”

”For the people who read this: Music, arts, films and books are more important than ever. The society needs to give them the attention they need. Culture is important for your good health. Remember, there is life after Corona!”

A big thanks to Alex and the team at Then Comes Silence!

To check out their Bandcamp where you can buy their music and merchandise click right here, or stream the new album, Machine:

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