The Graveyard

The Infected – Seasons two and three

From season two onwards, The Infected was an English-language podcast, with two hosts, Goof and Jeroen. You can probably still find these seasons in the podcast feed on Spotify or iTunes, but as a security measure we’ve laid these episodes to rest on these pages.

He who does not honor the past does not honor the future, so herewith, the English spoken episodes of The Infected. Buried, but not forgotten. Rest in peace!


s02e00 Two Minute Trailer
s02e00 The Infected Blue Velveteens
s02e01 We Don’t Need to Sell our Soul
s02e02 The Infected The Happy Goth Accident
s02e03 The 80’s Best Kept Secret
s02e04 A Nice, Warm Glass of Blood
s02e05 A Light That Never Goes Out
s02e06 From Lima with Love
s02e07 The Many Shades of Grey
s02e08 The Episode With Your Funeral
s02e09 Dreams in which I’m dying
s02e10 Autumn Leaves Us Thirsty
s02e11 A Night Call From The Crypt
s02e12 Halloween Special – Love, Blood and Wine
Then Comes SIlence Interview Special
Vision Video Interview Special


s03e01 Back From The Grave
s03e02 Honesty Doesn’t Pay
s03e03 Behind Every Silver Lining There’s A Cloud
s03e04 Fresh Blood, Fresh Sounds
s03e05 Goth ‘n Roll
s03e06 Partying at 04:00 AM
s03e07 Losing The Layers, But Not The Shades Of Black
s03e08 Lovers Dressed In Black
s03e09 Velvet Lightning
s03e10 We Don’t Want To Live Forever
s03e11 Pink Turns Black
s03e12 Out With A Bang, Into The Night!