Interview – Metakross

On Metakross

I transform the dark and twisted things within me into music, to make them into a dance or a story. My thoughts and feelings, mostly negative, are my energy source. Still, authors like Ernest Hemingway or Jack London also inspire me. I admire characters who keep going no matter what, and some of my songs reflect these themes.

I work hard to make the best out of my music. My inspiration comes from different genres, both old and new. I tweak my tracks over and over, a thousand times, sometimes finding a sound I like and then deleting it just a moment later. It’s like cooking; I’m always adding and changing ingredients. Sometimes it drives me crazy, and I think it’s all in my head. But still, I think it is better to do something poorly, rather than not doing anything at all. So even if I may have missed something, I won’t regret what I’ve done.

I still need to figure out what I want my music to sound like when played live. Maybe more percussion or an even more electronic sound, time will tell. I want people to enjoy my music, whether in the club or at home. If you enjoy my music, we like the same stuff; it means the music builds a connection between us, and that makes me happy.

On The World

The world is becoming a darker place each day, but we must keep our humanity. It’s the least we can do, apart from preparing for the worst-case scenario. If you know a place without wars, please tell me where it is. I don’t want to see a totalitarian world. We must have an opportunity to speak freely, while respecting other opinions, of course.

This Corona crisis influences each and every one of us. Musicians and fans everywhere suffer from all the canceled concerts and the industry changes. Yet, at least we can watch musicians’ live streams online. What is cool is that the world is ever-changing, and there are always new things to try out. For instance, I look forward to having augmentations. I can’t wait to buy a new pair of lungs!

On Peter Cross

I’m just a guy trying to break out of the personal limbo inside me. No matter how good our factories are, I don’t really want to work there, although I do enjoy the industrial sounds. People say I am distrustful, but I don’t think you can trust these people 😉

When you see me on the street wearing black and all, my outfit may seem weird to some people. Yet that’s how I feel and who I am. I feel comfortable that way. Who says that military shoes are heavy anyway? I don’t really think I am that different from other people at all, to be honest. I’m a coffee addict, and I love cyberpunk and sad stuff.

Sometimes I find it hard to keep working on my music, to keep going, because of my depressions. But when that happens, one of my oldest friends keeps arguing with me, and he keeps pushing me. Without him, I wouldn’t even have finished my album. This guy just motivated me to keep making progress. OK, mostly by yelling at me, but still, I am thankful for it.

Before, I just wanted a nice job with some guarantees on career development. These days I value personal freedom and independence more, especially after the coronavirus. Sometimes, when I have to do difficult things, I drink coffee or wine, or I go out and get some exercise. Mostly I get my energy from outside sources, like listening to new music, taking a walk, or just socializing. I always need more power! *evil laugh*

On Bulletproof

My friends and I used to listen to alternative music and nu-metal. Korn, System Of A Down, Linkin Park, and Slipknot influenced us all heavily. Then we moved on, some to heavier sounds, some switched to techno. I haven’t abandoned my old tastes, but I do like discovering and adding new things.

I hope Bulletproof will energize you and give you strength. Keep moving forward; if you believe in yourself, you really are bulletproof!

Every one of us can only do so many things in life. What matters the most is that you manage to finish the important stuff just in time before the beginning of the end. Now I’m sad and need a drink.


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