S04E02 – A Cold Spring

I believe we covered Lycia somewhere in our first or second season of The Infected. They popped back on my radar last week when I saw they are also on Spotify and seemingly I missed 2 EPs they released recently. They make the kind of music that really evokes goosebumps with me. I can’t name […]

Landed on the bell tower

Shriekback – All Lined Up (1983) Shriekback was an English rock band formed in 1981 in Kentish Town by Barry Andrews, formerly of XTC and League of Gentlemen (keyboards/synthesizers/vocals), and Dave Allen, formerly of the Gang of Four (bass). They had many band members over the years, including the infamous Luc van Acker, who joined […]

Missing Man

These are the shownotes that go with Season 4, Episode 0 – The Pilot Episode Once again the gates are unlocked and the bar is raised, for this pilot Episode of season 4. This is The Infected – A podcast from the heart of the darkness. Your hosts select the finest Post-Punk, New Wave, Goth […]

Interview: Of Blood and Wine

On the occasion of their new “Of Blood and Wine” EP release and the track Of Blood and Wine, released for the first time in our Podcast The Infected, episode S02E12, “Love, Blood and Wine,” The Infected visited Of Blood and Wine in their remote manor in the dark Finnish woods. It is a waning […]

Interview – Metakross

On Metakross I transform the dark and twisted things within me into music, to make them into a dance or a story. My thoughts and feelings, mostly negative, are my energy source. Still, authors like Ernest Hemingway or Jack London also inspire me. I admire characters who keep going no matter what, and some of […]

Interview: Violent Vickie

Violent Vickie on Serotonin I’m a chill, funny sober vegan hippie. These days, I’m no longer into alcohol and drugs, and not quite as punk as I was before. I am powered by fruit, greens, air & sun. And Riot Grrrl. I also used to listen to Ani Difranco a lot, too, but not so […]

The 80’s best kept secret – Trevor Horn

Video Killed the Radio Star – The Buggles (with Trevor Horn) You will have heard of Andy Warhol, and his New York studio The Factory. He and his entourage were hugely influential in Pop-Art, fashion and music, with bands like Velvet Underground and artists like Nico Lou Reed and J.J. Cale. This is a story […]

Interview: Golden Plates

The Infected Interview Elder Brycen of Golden Plates, on the release of “Oxytocin” “I am Elder Brycen. In my head I’m the personification of abandonment issues, in my heart I’m David Bowie’s bastard child, if you ask my friends I’m the glue that brought them all together, if you ask the guy who calls himself […]

Episode 12: Belgian Delight & Cats Whiskers

The Big Picture: Manhunter. Deze film is al meerdere afleveringen aan bod gekomen, maar dan in de vorm van achtergrondmuziek waar we overheen praten. En dan vooral Lector’s Cell van Michel Rubini. De film komt uit 1986 en het is de eerste film waarin Hannibal Lecter voorkomt. De eerste verfilming van de boeken van Thomas […]