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Your hosts Goof and Jeroen select and discuss the finest Post-Punk, New Wave, Goth, Industrial, Cold-Wave, Alternative, and Darksynth tracks. Music with a shiny, dark edge to it.

In our show, we share the stories behind hot new releases and classic songs, we bring you interviews with fresh new bands and sprinkle it all with a few Goth approved movie tips. The most beautiful flowers grow in moonlight, at the edge of the ravine. Come see what we’ve picked for you and celebrate the night with us!

Enjoy the music and share what you like. Many of these tracks are old, some almost forgotten, others are new and worth more attention than they are currently getting.

Our mission at The Infected is this: We spread what we love and what we believe is worth your attention. Each time we endorse a work of art, each time we create another entry point to it, each story we share, we aim to add value. That is the goal, to be a platform supporting the dreamers, the seers, the makers. The ones that are lost in the woods, loving every minute of it, reporting back to us afterward in music and lyrics. Enjoy the ride!