Episode 1 – Waar ligt de Grens?

Insta Outcast – Echoberyl

They are an Art project / Alternative Rock / Coldwave duo from Paris, aiming for the atmosphere of David Lynch’s movies, combined with the light voice of French 60s singer France Gall. They describe their group as the meeting of two solitudes delivering their deep vulnerability. Their first album, Apparition, is a cry of pain and a hope of appeasement.

Als Insta outcast mag een link naar hun Instagram natuurlijk niet ontbreken: https://www.instagram.com/echoberyl/

Dit nummer is van het debuut album “Apparition” uit 2019

The Long Night – Norway

After a long period of silence, two pioneer artists of the legendary Norwegian Gothic Metal scene, Østen Bergøy (Tristania) and Tommy Olsson (Motorpsycho), joined forces with guitarist Tommy Olsson (Heavy Metal.no writer) to form this new group. Their goal: to create new, refreshingly old – school, top-notch gothic rock.

Van het album The Barren Land uit 2018:

Goof’s sfeervolle T-shirt, dat besproken werd in Episode 1

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