Summer Special

We have to take a break from our regular schedule. Our team of three (not pictured above 😉 ) has a lot of overlap in Holidays this summer, but to ease your wait, we do have a nice Summer Special for you to enjoy!

This is a complete set of music, mixed brilliantly by Goof, containing tracks by (among others) The Reegs, Warmline, Candidate, Figure Study, Shiny Darkly, DJ Dimension, Deine Lakaien and the Comsat Angels.

No jingles, no talk, no stories about the tracks this time, no Goth approved movie tips, that will al start again when we officially kick off our regular Podcast Season Two, early August 2020.

Enjoy the mix and remember – whatever gets you through the night, it’s alright!

3 thoughts on “Summer Special

  1. I am wondering if I could get a list of the songs used in this Summer Special mix. I know a few are listed in the comments above but there are still several tracks that I cannot identify. Artist, title, etc. I am so fascinated and curious.


    1. Sure thing my friend, here you go:
      -The Reegs – The Dream Police
      -Loveland – When You Dress Up
      -Dolina – Corridors
      -Warmline – Calling Out
      -Candidate – Strange Girl
      -Forgot this one
      -Winter Severity Index – Backstroke
      -Shiny Darkly – The Other Man
      -The Shortwave Mystery – Without Cause
      -Skanfrom – Are You Alone
      -Ende Schneafliet – Session Zeitgeist
      -Deine Lakaien – Mind Machine
      -Forgot this one
      -Comsat Angels – Be Brave


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