The Episode With Your Funeral

In this episode we take you along for a wild ride. We have horrors stoties, death rock, killer tracks, and you can hear your funeral right here on our show. But first, come with us to the weird world of blue sunshine, where we unearthed the recipe for the Perfect Murder… The Glove- Perfect Murder […]

The Many Shades of Gray

The End – Flock of Seagulls I have sweet memories of this band. When I was working at a big motorcycle expo in Amsterdam in 2005. I was trying to sell subscriptions to visitors to a motor magazine. I did really well,  and was exhausted after each day and went home on my bicycle with […]

Interview – Secret Sounds

Wilmer Wolf on Secret Sounds, the 80’s and his musical heritage. My band, Secret Sounds, existed for about 7 years, back in the Eighties – which is quite a long time for a band. It’s long ago, and it’s done. I don’t like bands that do endless reunions trying to hold on to something long […]

Interview: Violent Vickie

Violent Vickie on Serotonin I’m a chill, funny sober vegan hippie. These days, I’m no longer into alcohol and drugs, and not quite as punk as I was before. I am powered by fruit, greens, air & sun. And Riot Grrrl. I also used to listen to Ani Difranco a lot, too, but not so […]

From Lima with Love

Psychic TV – Godstar (allegory & Self 1988) “Godstar” is basically a rock ‘n’ roll tale about the life and death of Brian Jones, one of the founding members of The Rolling Stones. If the lyrics didn’t give it away. It sure was that guitar riff or part of it, from “Brown Sugar”. We discussed Throbbing […]

A Light that Never Goes Out

Section 25 – Haunted Last week, the day after we recorded our podcast. I went to a local thriftstore and to my surprise I stumbled upon a DVD amidst all usual movies that you typically find. A DVD about Manchester’s famous Factory records called “24 hour party people”. I didn’t even know this existed. It’s […]

A Nice, Warm Glass of Blood

Rendez Vous – Distance (EP: Distance 2016) Rendez-Vous is a 5-piece French band that was founded in 2012, in Paris. They make energetic, pumping post-punk, with electronic aspects here and there. As you have just heard, they sound quite angry, and they are able to deliver that anger and energy, channeled through songs to us. […]

The Happy Goth Accident

New Order – Chosen Time (Movement, 1981) I’m sure that you, the listener, are familiar with New Order since you’ve managed to find us and our podcast through many obscure and specific hashtags on social, Google etcetera. But still, some background on New Order: From the tragedy of Ian Curtis’s suicide at the age of […]

We Don’t Need To Sell Our Soul

Insta Outcast: Golden Plates – Oxytocin This is a song that was literally just released, I came across Golden Plates on Instagram and this song blew me out of the water when I heard it. We had the chance to do an interview with Elder Brycen, the spiritual leader of Golden Plates, which turned out […]